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Welcome to the official website of Mini Nifty! We have it all: sound collage music, rare videos, mods for various games, the documents of two nifty session musicians trying to make it into the scene, and so on.

Note that this website is incomplete at this point, but we Nifties hope to keep updating it. For more info, contact the lead producer at Mini Nifty.
  • Music: All of our sound collage work can be found here, including our biggest hit, Women of the World.
  • Movies: Rare movies, especially if they fit into the collage genre.
  • Games: Text-based games about surreal geometry, game modifications based on seshies, and whatever the future might bring.
  • Nifty Little Seshies: This page will contain documents, and possibly some audio, of Mini Nifty, two session musicians that are out to prove that "seshie" is not an offensive term at all, and that it should be used among session musicians without any negative stereotypes attached.
  • Blind: The Nifty Little Seshies are totally blind; here we will post whatever we can about things for the blind, be they notetakers, organizations, games, screen readers, even animation tools! Yes, a blind person can animate now ... if they have a certain program made in Australia. But luckily the web is worldwide! We even found a blind-friendly cryptocurrency program, and the first ever interview with a crypto advocate to mention the blind!
Thank you for visiting the Mini Nifty website.
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