Choice Samples Mixtape

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Choice Samples Mixtape is the first full-length Mini Nifty album. Production started on January 15, 2016, and production is expected to be complete some time in 2017. Cuts from this album can be found on the Mini Nifty page on AnyAudio.

Partial track list

The album will contain all of the following, available on the AnyAudio page:

  • "Welcome to the Tape"
  • "What Shall We Play?"
  • "A Mixed Up Story"
  • "Images of Believing"
  • "Circus of the What"
  • "Ring Ring"
  • "Stock Title Mix"
  • "A Super Special Sorta Silly Synthesizer Sequence"
  • "A Groovy Movie"
  • "Another Mixed Up Story"
  • "Culinary Classics"
  • Futuristic Looping"
  • "A Mixed Up Seshie Story"

It will also contain some tracks that haven't been released yet, including a piece called The Nifty Sounds of Dreams; either the nine-minute fun-size version or an almost-uncut version that is several minutes longer.

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