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Cutting samples together is fun, but it is nowhere near as fun as jamming at a jam session or in a studio! We are seshies, and music is our lives! We follow in the footsteps of The Wrecking Crew, Midas Touch, Booker T. and the M.G.'s, and anyone who was featured in the documentaries The Session Players and Twenty Feet from Stardom, and the upcoming Library Music Film. Readers of record company catalogues, such as EMI Production Music, De Wolfe Music, JGM London, Comfort Stand Recordings and Seeland Records, and taking inspiration from classic duets such as Sonny and Cher, Ashford and Simpson, and Les Paul and Mary Ford, we were born in the 90s but have a spirit that generally runs from 1937 to 1986. Walking along with TV shows like The Dewarists and Club Mickey Mouse, we follow TV shows starting when they are only in their planning stages; The Dewarists have already run their four seasons and ended, but we were talking about it in 2011 when only a few other people were, and Club Mickey Mouse won't start up until August 2017, so we are clearly ahead of the line. We are also advocating the use of the word seshie, attempting to get this magnificent word accepted into several dictionaries, which should be easy once some more people start using it. There's only one thing better than a site run by a seshie, and that's a site run by two seshies, because a site run by a dozen or more seshies will just end up getting chaotic. Below will be links to a great deal of our work that isn't based on collage and cut-up; regular writings, songs, links to other seshie websites such as The Dewarists episode archive and record company catalogues, and even a constantly-updated document about the word "seshie", which will keep track of the various times the word has been used. But if it becomes widely used, like "selfie" did several years ago, then we will replace it with a victory notice and a table with as many dictionary links as possible. But for now, continue to send us feedback, so we can compile as much information about seshies as we can.

Seshie Documents

These are documents that we have created that have something to do with seshies.

  • Seshie: A document keeping track of the word "seshie", including links to other sites that have used it, and a few dictionary sites.

Fictional Stories

We are creative writers too!

  • Fictional Seshie World: We are working on a fantasy story series that takes place in a world where everything is nifty and filled with seshies! The name of the world will not be shown on this site until Miss Nifty gives the signal.

Seshie Links

Below is a list of links to many movies, shows, albums and so on that showcase the world of seshies. The links will usually not involve mainstream music, since the seshies tend to not be credited. It will mostly focus on releases where seshies take the lead. For example, Martin Kershaw has appeared on thousands of mainstream recordings, but he is almost never credited, so we would focus on albums such as those in production music catalogues where his name is in plain sight on the album cover.

  • (Link list coming soon)
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